Mouse Orthopedic Research

Wire Prototype Research Kit

We work with multiple colleges, universities and corporate wire research groups using a wide variety of wire types and sizes. Several of these groups are doing wire prototype research in mice and require small wires often in the range of .6mm.  PhD researchers tend to know their trade VERY well, but they might not know wires as well which is where we step in.

Recently, we had a research group reach out, knowing that they needed nitinol wire but little else, since they hadn’t actually performed any tests yet. Did they need threads or smooth k-wires? Deep threads or shallow threads? Did they need a blunt tip, a radius tip, a diamond tip or a trocar tip? We know wire properties very well but we don’t know how they will react when implanted into a subject.

For the customer we ended up creating a customized medical device wire prototype kit with 8 different wire forms.  For us the hardest part of doing a job is the initial set up which includes writing the CNC program, dressing the wheels, changing out the tools, and testing parts until we get it exactly correct. For us to create 8 different wire forms of the same type of wire size, all we need to do is create new CNC programs which is the least time consuming of the set up. Our client recieved:

  1. Smooth no tips. 10 pieces. Short Length
  2. Smooth with a trocar tip. 10 pieces. Short Length
  3. Threaded no tips. 10 pieces – Short Length
  4. Sturdy Thread with a trocar tip.  10 pieces – Short Length
  5. Secondary Thread attempting to go to as deep in the wire as possible, no tip. 10 Pieces – Short Length.
  6. Smooth double trocar tips – 5 Pieces – Long Length
  7. Threaded double trocar tips –  5 Pieces – Long Length
  8. Secondary thread double trocar tips – 5 Pieces – Long Length

After the initial run, we will have the right wire sizes in stock and the correct CNC programs on file which will save us time and save our client money on the next order.

If you are doing research and would like a wire prototyping research kit, contact us today and we will work with you to find out the exact type of wire for you to use in research.


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