Safety Ribbon or Safety Wire in Guidewires

The following is to help medical device designers better understand safety ribbons in guidewire design.

In the unlikely event stretching or fracturing occurs in the guidewire, a safety ribbon is welded to both ends of the wire to help the wire remain intact. A safety ribbon runs thru the length of the Guide wire and is welded at each end to contain the coil of the spring.

There is a good explanation of a patented safety ribbon here –

A safety ribbon or core wire is commonly included on the distal end of a medical guidewire or a fixed wire catheter insertable intravascularly into a patient. Such a medical guidewire or catheter has a relatively flexible distal end usually comprising a coiled member for facilitating navigation within the patient’s vascular system. A distal end tip, which can be formed by a suitable welding process, for example, is often formed or disposed on the distal end of the coiled member.

Modern Grinding has the capability to manufacture safety ribbon as well as grind core wires, form coils and perform wire welding on the finished product.