Stainless Steel Electropolishing – Medical Device Components

Modern Grinding just added an electropolishing machine (We call her Electroid) to our small but growing family of advanced wire and pin fabrication machinery. For those who are unfamiliar, electropolishing is a subtractive process (material is taken off) which leaves metal with a shiny property, similar to that of chrome. Our machine is mainly used for stainless steel electropolishing of medical device components. We adhere to ASTM B912 electropolishing standard.

What does this mean for our customers? Firstly it means that we can give you electropolishing at a much more affordable rate. Secondly, we can provide a much faster turnaround on electropolished parts since we don’t need to ship parts to a secondary facility. We have dedicated staff who can turnaround wires in a few hours if need be. We consider anything under 200 parts to be small batch. We don’t have fixturing for larger batches. If need be we could electropolish medium and large batches but it might be cost prohibitive over larger electropolishing companies.

We can change settings to determine how much material is taken off during electropolishing. We can hold .0002 in diameter change from the eletctropolishing. Again, it is a subtractive process so material is lost during the process. Some types of products we have eletropolished include K-Wires, Steinmann Pins and a variety of pin, wire and screw products.

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