Micro Pressure Sensor Wire Fabrication

As medical devices evolve, external system monitoring devices and sensors will continue to improve and lead to better medical care. External monitoring decreases the need for surgery and increases the number of applications which involve less invasive procedures. Modern Grinding is working on several micro pressure sensor projects with research groups.

The smaller a guidewire is, the less invasive it is and the greater opportunity to get through small openings. We manufacture profiles into extremely small core wire diameters which the micro sensors can be welded to or bonded into such that they won’t move. The guidewire and sensor are then long enough to send signals outside the body. We are capable of doing these types of guidewires and core wires in small prototype runs or mass production.

Our plasma welding, grinding, and coiling services make us a one stop manufacturer for your next micro pressure sensor or micro sensor project. Contact us today to find out what we are capable of!

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