Medical BioMEMS & MEMS Fabrication

As a continuation to our previous post, we wanted to elaborate on some of the exciting systems we are developing for clients in the medical industry. MEMS stands for microelectromechanical system. Motion, pressure, and flow sensors are providing advanced functionality to a multitude of medical applications.

Modern Grinding comes into play since many researchers use our wires to correctly place MEMS in the body. In addition to using our wires for placement, wires can be used as a means to send a signal to the MEMS or receive a signal from the MEMS. By minimizing power consumption, enhancing precision, and allowing for more-intelligent devices, MEMS inertial sensing has moved to the forefront of medical device enabling technologies in recent years.

Outside of the body, the wire connects to a small pcb board which receives or sends the signals across different wires. This enables a medical clinician to read results and move the MEMS or correctly diagnose.

Modern Grinding has the capability to make wire forms which connect to MEMS and allow them to travel through narrow passage ways. Some of our sensors have been enclosed inside of coils with radiopaque markers. ┬áModern Grinding also has the ability to connect this wire to an external PCB board. It’s actually a fairly simple process, if you have the right equipment.

Some of the MEMS we have seen include cardio MEMS, pressure MEMS, flow MEMS, vibrating MEMS, antenna MEMS, photonic sensors and barometer MEMs.


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