Medical Device Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities

At Modern Grinding, we are constantly thinking about ways to better serve medical researchers, medical suppliers, veterinary suppliers and the general medical device supply chain. The biggest improvement we think that we can make is in decreasing lead times. When it comes to ordering raw wire materials we are at the mercy of suppliers for lead times. Unfortunately, in order to cater to our customers unique custom wire diameter needs, we are forced to order wires on demand.

General Supply Chain
The medical supply industry functions much differently than the manufacturing industry. In addition to understanding stringent government regulatory requirements and FDA-mandated current Good Manufacturing Practices(cGMP) designed to ensure products are safe, pure and effective, manufacturers must also bear the burden of understanding the complexities and rigors involved in moving their sensitive products through the supply chain. At Modern Grinding we know that in the medical industry time can mean lives and can also make a difference in whether start-up medical device companies are able to get the supply they need and get off the ground. Here is a great report on manufacturing supply chain metrics –

We are researching news ways to store stock inventory which is ready to manufacture versus ordering wire each time we need it. We are looking for partners who understand the industry, and want to work together on improving lead times, efficiency and quality. 

One way that we can improve inventory lead times is by stocking standardized wire sizes and then grinding them down to the correct diameter upon order. As a grinder, this is an option although some of the surface properties of the wire are lost in the grind process.

Additionally we could partner or move closer to our wire distributers, but we have several different wire providers which would make this difficult. Modern Grinding has years of experience in medical manufacturing but we will also take a very technical and engineering focused approach to automation.

Through advanced supply chain and planning we aim to have the lowest lead times for medical wires while also providing the best communication and updates about where a given project is in the process. We have taken great measures to improve the communication process in terms of fast quotes, proper specifications and quality checking.

If you have ideas about how to improve medical device supply chain, don’t hesitate to reach out. Click here for a medical wire equipment quote.

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