Length Markers on a Medical Device

medical device marking
medical device marking

For Medical Device designers there are multiple ways to add length markers to your device so surgeons are able to see them. These markings can be viewed visually, or they can viewed with another device such as an X-Ray machine. I wanted to mention three marking techniques: laser marking, medical ink and material cuts.

Laser Marking A Medical Device

This is probably the most common way to mark a device. It’s basically burned into the material which means it is difficult to rub off,

Medical Class Ink

There are a variety of inks that meet the FDA requirements for Class VI certification, and can be used with confidence on any of your medical device components. Modern Grinding has a variety of fixtures set up to help with your next device.

Grinding Groove Markers Into the Device

This is a method that we have found ourselves performing more of recently. Basically we plunge grind the wire to make grooves along the length of it. These grooves can remain as is for scanning or they can be filled with a marker type of material such as radiopaque material. This can be the easiest to manufacture since you are able to save additional steps in device machining.

Depending on the complexity of your device and the marking, any of the options can be the most affordable. Reach out today and find out about our advanced capabilities.