Ground Hypotube

Modern Grinding can help with your next ground hyptotube project. We have found more and more medical device companies needing help with profile grounding on the outside diameter of hypotubes. We don’t have our own laser marking equipment, the majority of ground hypotube work comes from laser cutting companies who typically apply some of sort of cut to open up the tube after we work on it. This cut can be something like a stent design or just a hole for a cannula or needle type of product.

Some of the reasons for hypotube grinding are for flexibility or for connecting the hypotube to the rest of the product.

Hypotube Flexibility

Modern Grinding can provide more flexibility to your hypotube by grinding a taper into the outside of the tube. Our capabilities allow us to grind precise dimensions down to a little over .001″ hypotube wall thickness. This allows for a firm tube which leads down to a more flexible or floppy hyptube.

Hypotube Connection

Medical Device Designers, may create a ground slot on the end of a hypotube to allow for connecting to another object. This other object may be on the proximal or distal end of the product for connecting to something on the patient or handling end. Our most recent product had a step on the outside profile of the hypotube. This step allowed for welding to a luer lock.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your next ground hypotube project.