Exchange Guidewires

At Modern Grinding, we often here about exchange guidewires, exchange wires, guidewire exchange catheters and rapid exchange guidewires and we wanted to do some explaining about what it is and why it is used.

A guidewire is typically used to find a specific spot internally though a minimally invasive process. A guidewire is introduced through the skin and then identified in the body through some form of imaging or sensing of body location. Once the correct spot is found internally, this location is marked and the the introducing guidewire is pulled out through a catheter. A new guidewire is then put into the body to perform a certain function. The new guidewire may have a stent or may perform coil embolization or some function like these. The use of separate guidewires is what necessitates the exchange of wires.

Modern Grinding has the capabilities to manufacture a wide variety of guidewires in house, please contact us for details.

This information comes from a non-medical professional and is intended to demystify this process for a non-technical audience, not provide medical advice. If you find information about exchange guidewires above to be incorrect, please correct us –


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