Custom Manufactured Surgical Components (Pins, Screws, Needles and Wires)

Companies make customized clothes to fit perfectly, why not the products that go inside of our bodies? At Modern Grinding, some of our pins, screws and needles are made for short term disposable purposes, lasting just a few weeks. Others remain in place for years until a fracture is correctly set. Why not make custom manufactured surgical components that fit snuggly into the patients system?

Imagine a world where surgical products are custom built for the patient on demand. We are getting closer to this possibility every day, and in some cases, doctors are customizing 3d surgical products, as was recently the case at the University of Michigan –

We are excited about the possibilities and we are not sitting on our hands waiting for them to come. If you are a doctor who has ideas to test out with just in time custom manufactured parts for surgery, please contact us and lets make a better tomorrow. Our manufacturing process is built for short lead time pins, screws, needles and wires. We would love to explore the future while helping write it.

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