Catheter Stylet

The word stylet can have a variety of meanings. In medicine it can mean a wire run through a catheter or cannula to render it stiff or to remove debris from its lumen. A catheter stylet is run through a catheter for stiffness or to remove debris. Some doctors will also interchange the term guide wire with stylet.

Catheter Introducer

A catheter stylet used as a catheter introducer would more commonly be called a guide wire than a stylet. A catheter introducer can be ground to a taper to allow the introducer to more easily enter a vessel prior to a catheter.

Catheter Flexibility

Designed to assist in the insertion of catheters and drains when indicated. They are typically made of stainless steel and feature a locking handle that holds the catheter taut during insertion.

Catheter Stylet Stop

An item consisting of a metallic collar with a setscrew which may be tightened against the shaft of a STYLET, CATHETER at a desired position to prevent introduction of the stylet beyond such position.

Stylet Manufacturing

No matter what you call a stylet, Modern Grinding can make them. Please contact us for help with your next project.

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