Stainless Steel Step Mandrels

The term mandrel is used in a wide variety of contexts. It can have the same meaning as guidewire, coiling tools or jewelry making rods. We can accommodate all of these use cases. Modern Grinding can manufacture custom designed wire mandrels for your next project.

Step Mandrels

In the medical industry, the term mandrel is used to mean a variety of products. We can make pretty much any product referred to as a mandrel. Modern Grinding can make flat steps, radius steps, or tapers to achieve a wire with multiple diameters. The most common stainless steel step mandrel we make is for core wires which go inside of guidewires.

Lathe Mandrels

Purchase a custom lathe mandrel for your operation. Our precision lathes can only be as large as .125 inches in diameter.

Bent Mandrels

Modern Grinding won't get bent out of shape helping manufacture a bent mandrel. Our custom shaping tools will help create parts for your next project.

Stainless Steel Mandrels

Modern Grinding typically works with stainless steel (ss) and stainless steel 17-7 metals. If you have a specialty wire request let us know and we will see if we can help.

Quote Your Next Project

  • Guidewires, Mandrels, Core Wires
  • K-Wires, Steinmann Pins, Needles
  • Coils, Springs, Orthopedic Pins
  • Custom Medical Wire Prototypes

In the News

Check out Modern Grinding in a recent issue of Micro Manufacturing for a feature article about our micro manufacturing capabilities.

Also, our very own Jim Boldig was recognized as a Top 30 under 30 Medtech Innovator by Qmed.