stainless steel and nitinol coils

Stainless Steel Coils

Modern Grinding is a contract manufacturer of complex stainless steel coils and micro coils for the medical industry. We typically deal with wire sizes of .002" to .032" and finished coil diameters of .010 to .3". We have multiple types of CNC machines for coiling and microcoiling depending on your design. We can do open or closed coils, wide pitch coils, dead coils, short coils and continuous coils. We can wrap coils around a mandrel or form continuously from a spool. With mandrel winding coils, the coil will take the shape of the mandrel so we can manufacture a wide variety of shapes such as tapered, step, multi-taper or hour glass.

Precision Coils

Our custom coils are used in medical devices such as guide wires, catheter extrusions, reinforcement coils and compression coils. Due to the high liability nature of the medical device industry our precision stainless steel coils are made to very tight tolerances and we are very diligent about process. Our highly trained operators and microscopic viewing equipment is able to spot problems before they occur. We are able to individually package your coils for safe shipping.

Coil Materials

In addition to stainless steel coils we also manufacture nitinol springs with the same processes. The difference between stainless steel and nitinol coils is that stainless steel tends to be more rigid whereas nitinol is flexible and has shape memory properties. We can start with round wire, flat wire or square wire to wind coils.

After Market Finishing

After we have finished your coils we can provide a variety of secondary process treatments such as heat annealing, shape setting, ultrasonic cleaning, passivation and electropolishing. We can also weld or solder coils to core wires to make a guide wire.

With our 20 years of coiling experience and millions of coils made, we are the perfect partner for your complex part designs. We make coils to meet short lead times and ship them all over the globe. Please contact us today with your next stainless steel coil project and see how we can help!

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In the News

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