nitinol springs

Nitinol Springs

Modern Grinding manufactures Nitinol Springs for a variety of medical devices. Due to the large number of nitinol spring products we manufacture, we have a variety of nitinol wire sizes in stock for fast turnaround on your project.

Nitinol Coils

Nitinol Springs offer unique properties which can be superior to stainless steel springs for certain use cases. Modern Grinding has the capability to manufacture monofilar nitinol coils or multifilar nitinol coils. We can use flat nitinol wire or circular nitinol wire and then coil it around a mandrel to form the nitinol springs. The mandrel we use can have a variety of shapes such as flat or tapered to coil a custom profile.

Nitinol is a metal alloy based on a roughly equal combination of Nickel and Titanium. The unique properties of nitinol are it's shape memory and its super elasticity. When forming nitinol springs, designers are able to use the super-elastic nature of nitinol to their advantage just as they would with nitinol wire. Nitinol is an MRI (magnetic resonance imagining) compatible alloy

Nitinol Implants

Due to its bio-compatible nature nitinol is suitable for use in orthopedic implants. Modern Grinding makes custom OEM wires and pins for the orthopedic and medical device industry. Wire options include:

Nitinol Options:

  • Light Oxide
  • Dark Oxide
  • Nitinol 1, 2, 4
  • Nitinol in lengths from a few centimeters to 10, 20, 30 meters
  • Medical Grade Nitinol
  • Nitinol Products:

  • Nitinol K-Wire
  • Nitinol Guidewire
  • Nitinol Corewires
  • Nitinol IM Pins
  • Nitinol External Fixation Pins
  • Nitinol Needles
  • Nitinol Springs
  • Nitinol Basket
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    • Guidewires, Mandrels, Core Wires
    • K-Wires, Steinmann Pins, Needles
    • Orthopedic Pins, Screws and Wires
    • Custom Medical Wire Prototypes

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