Nitinol K-Wires

In recent years, Modern Grinding has received more and more requests for Nitinol K-wires. These requests come from medical device designers but they are often because doctors are requesting it.

Nitinol K-wire is used in many types of surgical processes. It is similar to Steinmann Pins but with smaller diameters. The adventage of nitinol over stainless steel is that nitinol is a more flexible wire which gives surgeons more flexibility. Nitinol costs more than stainless steel due to raw material productions costs and it is very abrasive which causes more tooling wear for grinding.

Modern Grinding K-wires are made to order, Modern Grinding will contract manufacture a K-wire to your specialized need. Below is a table of typical K-Wires we manufacture. Please contact us for custom tips, custom sizes and partially threaded products.

Nitinol K-Wires for Spine

Modern Grinding works with several spine medical device companies. Our Nitinol K-Wires are typically part of an MIS (Minimally Invasive Solution) kit. The nitinol k-wire is put into the body as a "guidewire". Once inserted a cannulated screw is placed over the K-Wire and screwed into the spine as an implant. The K-Wire is then pulled out. We make custom K-Wires for each MIS kit based on the product design.

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