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Modern Grinding has an army of automated machines dedicated to multifilar coils. We have the ability to run Multifilar Coils with up to 8 wires in a single product. Our focus is on the medical coil industry. Intravascular catheters and electrodes are the primary products but the ability to handle different tensions on each filar enable the machine to produce everything from motor coils to heating elements.

We have the ability to manufacture up to 8 filars. This includes monofilar coil, bifilar coil, trifilar coil, quadrifilar coil, quinquefilar coil, sexafilar coil, septifilar coil, and octofilar coils.

Reasons for Multifilar Design

Some reasons to use a multifilar wire coil approach as apposed to a unifilar approach are having different types of wire and having more flexible wire. An example of a multifilar wire having different types of wire can be seen on this Lake Region patent. The coil has 4 wires. One of the wires is radiopaque so that it can be seen via imaging. The remaining 3 wires are made of standard stainless steel material. Similarily, multifilar coils could be made of wires sending signals in different directions.

multifilar coil diagram

The above photo is from you want to better understand filar geometry we would highly recommend this blog.

Multifilar Coil Options:

  • flat wire or round wire
  • wire diameter
  • coil stiffness
  • coil pitch
  • coil diameter
  • tapered and step coils
  • coil length
  • left hand or right hand coils

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    In the News

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