Mandrel Manufacturing

Modern Grinding can manufacture custom designed wire mandrels and wire stylets for your next project. We typically make mandrels out of stainless steel or nitinol. Our diameter specialty is from .004" to .100". We have fulfilled single use or large quantity mandrel orders.

Manufacturing Mandrels

Modern Grinding has made mandrels for a variety of industries. The only constant across industries is that almost all mandrels that we make have tight tolerances. If you run into a hiccup in your production and need more mandrels, reach out today.

Custom Mandrels

We do not stock off the shelf mandrels, we build all mandrels to customer specification. We do however have advanced CNC machinery and a large variety of stock materials to enable fast turnaround. Below is an example of some custom mandrels that we have manufactured. mandrels manufactured at our plant

Mandrel Geometries

Of the products that we manufacture, mandrels tend to have the most unique design requests. From tapers, to steps, to radiuses, to octagon shaped wire, to flats, we have seen most every type of mandrel. Due to our CNC machinery we are able to manufacture small lot mandrel orders and large production orders alike.

PTFE Coated Mandrels

In the medical industry, the term mandrel is used to mean a variety of products. We can make most of the products referred to as mandrels as long as the diameter is less then .1".

Mandrel Taper

Modern Grinding can grind mandrels on multiple taper levels to meet your specs. We can manufacture a constant taper or a multi-step taper.

Call us to find out about our custom wire Mandrel and Stylet capabilities.

Stepped Mandrel

Like tapering Modern Grinding can provide stepped mandrels with PTFE coating. One type of use for the mandrel step taper is placement inside a lumen for heat treatment to form smooth tapered tips on the ends of catheters.

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In the News

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Also, our very own Jim Boldig was recognized as a Top 30 under 30 Medtech Innovator by Qmed.