Modern Grinding - Knowles Pin

A Knowles Pin is used for percutaneous pinning of the reducible intra capsular femoral neck fractures.

The Knowles pin is used by surgeons to help stabilize a fractured clavicle, ankle or other fractures that range in diameter from 3.0 millimeters to 4 millimeters. The length of these pins ranges from 65 millimeters to 100 millimeters. The Knowles pin is often used instead of a plate because of its low rate of complications and its efficacy. Modern Grinding is capable of manufacturing Knowles Pins between .6mm and 3.2mm in diameter and from 1 inch to 22 inches in length.

Modern Grinding Knowles Pins are made to order, Modern Grinding will contract manufacture a Knowles Pin to your specialized need. Knowles pins are similar to Olive Wire in that they have an external "stop" on the wire. Please contact us for custom tips, sizes and threading.

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