Customized K-Wires

A Kirschner wire, also known as K-wire, is a smooth stainless steel pin with a drill tip. Modern Grinding can manufacture K-Wires to your custom specification.

The wire is available in different diameters and an assortment of tips. Modern Grinding K-Wires are made to order, Modern Grinding will contract manufacture a K-Wire to your specialized need. Please contact us for custom tips, custom sizes and partially threaded products.

Research K-Wires

Modern Grinding has produced K-Wires for multiple university research labs and corporate research labs. Often these groups are creating new types of specialized K-Wires with unique diameters, lengths, coatings and tips for advanced procedures.

Orthopaedic Implant K-Wires

Each K-Wire implant reconstruction is a unique innovation in fracture repair, as every complex fracture presents its own unique challenges.

Veterinary K-Wires

Typically used for interfragmentary reduction. K-Wires hold the bone fragment in place while a different orthopedic wire is wrapped around it to help secure the K-Wire. The two most common orthopedic wires used to secure this are gauge wire and AO wire. K-Wires are like pins except smaller in sizes like .035, .045 and .062. Because they are smaller they can be used in smaller animal bones.

Nitinol K-Wires

Modern Grinding can create custom K-wires in any material of your choice. We typically recieved requests for the following - Nitinol, Stainless Steel, Niti #1, Niti #2, SS 316LVM, SS 304, PTFE Coated, 304V SS.

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