Custom Guidewires


Modern Grinding can help you manufacture custom guidewires for your next project. We have contract manufactured guidewires for international medical device brands, medical distributers, university research and veterinary clinics.

We use advanced CNC machine automation to manufacture guidewires, core wires and mandrels for the medical device industry. Because of our automation we are able to achieve higher quality, higher repeatability, larger runs and competitive pricing for our guidewires.

Guidewire Manufacturing

Modern Grinding can start with stainless steel, nitinol, ptfe coated wire or non metallic core wires and can precision grind a custom guidewire size and profile to suit your needs. A typical guidewire will include tapering and often includes a ball or wire form at the tip which enables us to apply a coil or coating. Modern Grinding has laser welding capabilities to attach core wire and mandrels with external coils.

Custom Guidewire Materials

Modern Grinding has a variety of wire materials available for fast turnaround of prototyping projects. We have a variety of round and flat wires available for coils. We also have core wires and grinding capabilities for fast turnaround of complete guidewire assembly. We don't however have stock or off the shelf guidewires. Our guidewires are made to order based on customer specifications. If it is a very standard workhorse type of guidewire, we have the engineering capabilities to reverse engineer the guidewire and build something similar.

Guidewire Coils

Modern Grinding has coiling lathes in house to help make your custom guidewires. We have the capability to make coils out of round or flat wire. We can make single diameter coils or tapered coils to meet tight specifications. We can make coils out of stainless steel or nitinol. We can make unifilar or multifilar coils for advanced guidewire designs. We also have the capability to make guidewires out of radiopaque material depending on your guidewire feature needs.

Guidewire Core

At the center of a guidewire is typically a core wire (sometimes written as corewire). The core wire dictates how flexible or stiff the guidewire is. The flexibility depends on the material used in the guidewire and the diameter of the material. Many corewires will have a taper at the end to achieve the level of flexibility needed in the guidewire. Modern Grinding is set up for high quantity precision core wire manufacturing.

Micro Guidewires

There isn't an official definition for micro guidewires, at Modern Grinding we can help you make small guidewires. We have made guidewires smaller than .010 in overall diameter with a coil and core wire. If you have a small guidewire that you would like manufactured don't hesitate to reach out today.

Guidewire Coatings

Modern Grinding does not have coating capabilities in house but we subcontract with some of the best coating companies in the medical device industry to make sure you get the coatings you need. Through our partners we are able to achieve PTFE coated guidewires and hydrophilic coated wires based on the flexibility and lubricity that you need to achieve.

Modern Grinding has worked on research and cutting edge guidewires in the sensing and stimulation fields. We are able to connect electrode wires to PCB chips which can read internal signals and/or can send electrical current for internal stimulation. In addition we have added pressure sensors, glass materials, microcoils, flat coils, and a variety of polymer coatings to guidewires. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote out your next project.


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  • J-Tips
  • Floppy Tip
  • Ball Tip
  • Radius Tip
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  • Flexible Straight Tip
  • Custom Guidewire Tips
  • Finishes

  • Electropolish
  • Passivation
  • Custom Threading
  • Smooth Coating
  • PTFE Coating
  • Radiopaque
  • Pebax Coating
  • Hydrophilic Coating
  • Teflon Coating
  • Lubricious Coating
  • Sizes

  • .001
  • .004
  • .010
  • .014
  • .018
  • .022
  • .024
  • .035
  • .038
  • Custom Guidewire Sizes
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  • Balls
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  • Hex
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