Core Wire Grinding

Modern Grinding's specialty is in core wire centerless grinding. The core wires that we manufacture are used in medical guidewires. We are able to grind core wires up to 10 feet in length to extreme precision using our highly automated machinery. Our machinery is specialized to do both small and large core wire manufacturing runs. We typically interchange the terms mandrel and core wire. Our process is fairly automated which means that we can create products quickly, accurately and at a better price than the competition.

Core Wire Materials

Modern Grinding typically works with stainless steel 304 and nitinol wire to produce cores wires. We can use PTFE coated wire and grind through the coating or we can grind the wire first and then apply coatings. We can grind up to 10 foot lengths of wire with diameters between .001" and .125" in size.

Core Wire Tapering and Stepping

Medical device engineers create tapers and steps in their core wires for multiple reasons. Tapering a wire creates flexibility in the core wire. Thicker wire diameters allow for more firmness in a wire. Other designers taper or thin out the core wire so that there is more room for additional wires or sensors inside of an medical device assembly.

Core Wire Spooling and Cutting

Modern Grinding has tools to auto spool core wires and auto-cut wires into a specific size smaller than six feet long. We can cut straight wire or braided wire that is less than .035" in diameter.

Cutting Edge Medical Devices

We work with customers at the cutting edge of medical device design including international OEMs and university researchers alike. Our core wires are used in:

  • Guidewires with sensors
  • Hydrophilic Guidewires
  • Super Stiff Guidewires
  • Super Flexible Guidewires
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    • Guidewires, Mandrels, Core Wires
    • K-Wires, Steinmann Pins, Needles
    • Coils, Springs, Orthopedic Pins
    • Custom Medical Wire Prototypes

    In the News

    Check out Modern Grinding in a recent issue of Micro Manufacturing for a feature article about our micro manufacturing capabilities.

    Also, our very own Jim Boldig was recognized as a Top 30 under 30 Medtech Innovator by Qmed.