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Coil Manufacturer

Modern Grinding has advanced coil manufacturing equipment to help the medical supplier community. We can work with your custom coil specifications to create custom coils. As one of top coil manufacturers in the world (and over 20 years of experience) we are confident that we can help with your project. If we can't help, we will let you know quickly and we will try to help you find the right coil manufacturer for your application.

Precision Coils

Due to our advanced grinding and welding equipment we offer a one stop shop for making advanced guidewires. Modern Grinding's equipment is tailored to quick product turnover and high repeatability. We can help with a small coil prototype runs or large runs (50,000+) alike.

Medical Quality Coils

Modern Grinding understands the high level quality demands of the FDA and we help make sure our customers adhere to these demands. We work with each large customer to make sure that our process and quality standards meet your needs for getting a coil project from inception to the mass market.

Custom Engineered

Customers come to us because they know we are experts in the field. Either send us a drawing or come to us with an idea for your coil and we can help you through the process of engineering the perfect coil for your application. Some of the options that you have for coils include coil wire size (.002"-.032"), coil size (.010" to .3"), closed end, open ended, continuous wound, dead coils, multi taper, multi-diameter coils and wide variety of other options.

Speaking of custom engineered, our coil winding machines are also custom designed for top of the line performance. We start with common machines from the market but add our own special design to improve quality and throughput.

From Unifilar to Multifilar

Modern Grinding has the capability to coil up to 8 separate wires into a single coil. The majority of the wires that we make are unifilar but don't hesitate to reach out with your next multifilar coil manufacturing project. We can make coils out of stainless steel, nitinol springs, radiopaque materials and a variety of other materials.

Coils In Action

Below is a video which shows off our automated coiling system. This automation helps maintain speed and repeatability in large run coil projects. Modern Grinding is able to achieve accuracy to less than .001" in OD.

Here is a video of another type of coiling machine that we use:

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In the News

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Also, our very own Jim Boldig was recognized as a Top 30 under 30 Medtech Innovator by Qmed.