Guidewire Types

Along with customized guidewire manufacturing, Modern Grinding manufactures designs similar to the following types of guidewires which can all be customized to your specific requirements:

  • Bentson Guidewire - The Bentson Guidewire is used for cerebral angiography and other angiographic and interventional procedures. It has a very floppy tip since the core stops a good distance from the tip. Smooth, rounded ends and PTFE coating ease passage into the system.
  • Description Diameter Options Length Options
    Straight PTFE Coated Stainless Steel Bentson Guidewire .018", .025", .032", .035", .038" 80cm, 145cm, 180cm
    Straight PTFE Coated Stainless Steel Bentson Guidewire with Herapin Coating .018", .025", .032", .035", .038" 80cm, 145cm, 180cm

  • Amplatz Guidewire - Amplatz Extra Stiff Guidewire is used for interventional cardiovascular and interventional biliary drainage, abscess drainage, uroradiology procedures and catheter exchanges. It is available straight and curved.
  • Description Diameter Options Length Options
    Straight Amplatz Guidewire .035", .038" 80cm, 150cm, 180cm, 260cm
    J Tip Amplatz Guidewire .035", .038" 150cm, 180cm, 260cm

  • Rosen Guidewire - The Rosen Guidewire is a curved wire used for angioplasty catheter exchange. Intermediate stiffness with tight J tip allows wire to be stiff all the way to the end while at the same time minimizes risk of distal wire injury. Ideal for vascular intervention.
  • Description Diameter Options Length Options
    TFE Coated Rosen Curved Guidewire .035" 80cm

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