Guidewire Tips (J, Trocar, Diamond, Radius)

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Modern Grinding offers the following types of guidewire tips which can all be customized to your specific requirements:

J Tip Guidewire - The J-Tip guidewire configuration facilitates advancement while minimizing trauma during placemnent.

Ball Tip Guidewire - Simply stated, this is a guidewire, mandrel or core wire with a ball at the tip for navigation. It can also be used for welding a coil on top of the wire.

Flat Tip Guidewire - This is a guidewire, mandrel or core wire with a flat at the tip for navigation. A flat tip guidewire starts out as a round guidewire but is ground on two sides to a flat.

Beaded Tip Guidewire - A guidewire with a series of beads, knots or other type of protrusion. The beads we make are typically used along with a coil weld into or over the beads.

Sensor Tipped Guidewire - Guidewires are increasingly equipped with internal sensors for optimal internal placement and internal monitoring.

Radius Tip Guidewire - A radius tip is a partial circle. In classical geometry, the radius of a circle or sphere is any line segment from its center to its perimeter the radius of a circle or sphere is the length of any such segment.

Blunt Tip Guidewire - A blunt tip is an edge or point that is not sharp.

Trocar Tip Guidewire - A trocar is a medical instrument with a sharply three pointed end.

Diamond Tip Guidewire - Two sided taper to fine diamond tip.

You can apply your custom tip to the following ends:
Distal End - Posterior extremity of a medical instrument.
Proximal End - End nearest to point of attachment or origin.

Modern Grinding can grind these tips into both ends of your device so for instance a double trocar has trocar tips on both ends of the device. Combine your specialized tip with a specific size and finish to create your very own product.

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